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Sunday, February 17, 2008

What's worse than an asshole PM with his face on a poster? An asshole politician with his face on a bigger poster

"I am not a public servant,
I am a public servant doing my best against the odds,
As I develop and serve, be patient,
God is not finished with me yet."
- Jesse Jackson.

And the poster war hasn't even started yet. I see this billboard everyday after paying RM1.60 at the LDP toll. It's the biggest politician poster I've seen. After this one here, of course.

Picture courtesy of Rockybru and Pasqualensa, who asks Who is this guy Loh Seng Kok and why is he quoting Rev Jesse Jackson?

What i've learned about Loh Seng Kok is that he's one of the few BN members who dare to question UMNo Youth's behaviour 2 years ago in parliament. UMNO Youth members went to his operations center and threatened him to silence. I called him an asshole because he is no longer outspoken like he was before.

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