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Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's Linux time!

I switched to Ubuntu recently due to my dissatisfaction over Windows. During the whole month of April, my computer reinstalled Windows XP 4 times due to trojans, Susan Boyle and Swine Flu. I had to reinstall the same drivers, the same Firefox, the same Torrent clients, re-download all my torrents and reschedule all my files, and i felt very angry over my Windows. I was patiently waiting for Windows 7, my computer crashed again the same day the Swine FLu outbreak went public. So in anger, i've decided to install Ubuntu.

I was quite skeptical of Linux distros. My first experience with Linux was through my Acer AspireOne laptop, and it was a giant piece of shit. Linpus Lite is probably the worst Linux OS ever made, and it was so bad i've decided to install Ubuntu on my Acer AspireOne. Ubuntu changed my whole perspective of computers. Using Ubuntu, i felt like using a cheaper, more cooler version of a Mac. i hate Macs, and using Ubuntu makes me feel like using a likable version of a Mac PC. And unlike Mac PCs where it's basically PC for pussies who can't use a proper computer, Ubuntu is for those who wants to have fun with their PCs without destroying it, unlike Microsoft's Windows.. Mixxx is basically a cooler and less pretentious version of Serato Scratch Live, while VLC Player, is the swan to an ugly duckling K-Lite Codec. And the best thing about Linux is the use of Virtualbox, where i can still use Windows XP while using Ubuntu. I tried Virtualbox on Macs and PCs, and they were shit. Running a Mac on Virtualbox while using Windows XP is like jerking off in an old folk's home, it's really unpleasant. Another thing about Ubuntu is the pleasantness of the terminal. Unlike most Linux terminals and Windows commands, Ubuntu's terminal seems pleasant, like sleeping at night while Portishead's music is being played. But the most important thing about Ubuntu is that: It balances your social life.

Remember those Mac vs. PC ads? Where the Mac is the cool extrovert, while the PC is the nerdy intovert? Well Ubuntu is the ambivert, having both awesome social skills of an extrovert and the geek and intellectual skills of an introvert. Ubuntu is like the intellectual professor who's also a clubber or a glowsticking raver. Ubuntu is the one with the intellectual IQ who doesn't yap about the ongoing dumbing down of society unlike most professors. Ubuntu is also quite simple at looking for software applications. I don't need to go round and round for my apps. I can just go to Applications and then press the Add/Remove program. This shows how much Ubuntu cares for its third-party developers. And what's better than Ubuntu is available for fellow Muslim brothers and Christians. And therefore while Christianity & Islam is at it's worst since 9/11, Ubuntu actually help make Christians & Muslims look cool again.

So where does this leads to? Well, the thing is using Ubuntu, it changed my life forever. I feel less stressful, more patient, and more concentrative compared to my time with Windows. When i went to the Ubuntu forums, i felt more welcomed and the forum is more pleasant with less trolls compared to most Mac and PC forums. And recently, Linux market share has risen to 1 % thanks to ubuntu, which proves that Linux is now a growing force in computers in 2009 the same way Mac was a growing force in 2002. And to all Mac and Windows user, i don't mind you still wanting to use Macs and Windows, and i still love Windows(which is why i'm using it on my Virtualbox). But be prepared for Linux to be a part of the mainstream Computer world. Embrace your new brother or die, as some old folk told me once.

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