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Friday, March 27, 2009

Why i'm sick of Annoying Atheists:

I haven't updated my blog for 2 months, and therefore i'm 100% sure you wouldn't care. But today i want to talk about something that i've been wanting to say for months now. It's about Atheism post-2006, aka People who became Atheists because it was cool to poke fun at religion, as well as the popularity of books like "The God Delusion" & "God Is Not Great". What i want to say to these "Atheists" is simple:


Yup. That's it. I want to tell them to shut up. I've been taking shots at religious people for being irrrational and being represented by idiots like Abu Hamza, Kirk Cameron and recently, the Pope Benedict. But at the same time, i'm getting sick of Annoying Atheists. These folks just go around and take shots at religion just to make themselves look cool. They think everyone who follows a religion is stupid and irrational for believeing in a "sky God" or "fairy tales". Infact, they've dedicated everything just to shit on religion, by complaining about saying God's name in Obama's Inauguration, to creating Ads for Buses saying that there is no God:

Infact, i just want to ask: Why? What has religion done to you? Sure, religion has done alot of shitty thinggs but how does it affect you? And why should anyone care if someone believes in God? Why are you trying so hard to be as annoying as those raving Christian lunatics on TV? And yes, maybe religion is evil, but so is money, and greed. There is a thing called "necessary evil you know".

And yes, maybe people tend believe in a "sky God", but is God really a man in the Sky as the Christians say? There is more to God than just some bloke in the sky. There are many interpretations of God. Maybe God is the centre of the universe? Maybe God is some fat dude in his couch with a TV remote controlling the universe itself? Maybe God is a form of energy that Scientists are trying to control? Maybe God is a matter that we haven't explored yet? God is not some bloke in the sky. Carl Sagan gave an interesting view on God, and Niels Bohr believes that God does not play with dice. I'm a Muslim, and a non-religious one. But i believe in God because the idea of God is something we haven't explored, according to the Koran itself. And it's up to humans to either explore, worship or disprove.

And isn't there a saying : "Live and Let Live". I've been telling that to every fellow Muslim fanatic who burned the Norwegian Flag after the whole Muhammad cartoon Incident. I told that to every Christian who fears that Obama is the anti-Christ ever since his victory. Now i want to tell that to Atheists reading this: Live and Let Live. There are people who believes in God. Deal with it. You can convert 10 Christians into Atheists, but you will find 20 Atheists who suddenly rediscovers God after something spiritual happened to them. It's the cycle of life. And if you want to break that cycle just like what the radical Evangelists & PETA is doing right now, i won't stop you but you'll know that you will have to give up on it and accept other people for what they believe.

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