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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Charlie Brooker once said: "I hate offended people and i love offending them. They're the very worst people on the planet. ". He's right.

Okay, i have to agree with Charlie Brooker here. People who are easily offended suck. And i'm easily quite offended too, therefore i suck aswell. During the time the Danish cartoons of Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) were released, i was so mad like fuck. I was so angry at Denmark that i went on a Hulk mode. But still, i wasn't that pissed off like my radicalised Muslim brothers in Pakistan & The Middle East who kept burning effigys and Danish flags, and gets worse when they also burn US & Israeli flags that has got nothing to do with Denmark! Thank god i was not one of them.

But let's keep that aside, and focus in the bigger picture. Last year, there was aYouTube video showing the super-hot Deanna Yusof kissing a Singaporean dude for a MediaCorp production:

Okay, that was quite romantic. I like Deanna Yusof, and i remember the first time i met her, back in '03. But the thing is, Deanna is Malay, and what's worse is not the fact that malays are kissing on screen, it's the fact that alot of Malaysiana are offended by the video:

"buat malu orang islam jer lah si deanna nih..ishhh.."

"apersal cium ngan ah beng..takde org lain nk cium ke

"sapa lahabau molot bacin ni! tu cium ngan apek jual keropok telinga babi mana tu... cium ngan aku la aku ajar cara2 cium yang betul dari A sampai A semula.."

"ala lantak dia la nak cium ke apa...tapi tak yah la tayang2. bodo betol si deanna nak mampos ni."

"beauty malay chics kisses ugly ah beng who eats pork; disgusting!"

"what a stupid malay.. malay and chinese all is stupid... you just mess up the our language.. better.. you should build up this clone site by your own..


"Dont really give a fuck for what all these so-called artists want to say to justify what they do on screen.
Hell!! They may even fuck their own parents in the name of art and i still go and watch it!!
If she is a Muslim, then it is a sin.
The only regret was the guy she kissed looked like annabelle chong's cibai!! Typical singaporean's face!!
Deanna!! Find somebody a little bit cutter and fuck him straight!!"

"fact: she's sick, tired n ashamed being muslim n malay.

so just leave her alone."

"laknat la Allah pada saper yang melanggar syariat NYA"

"laa... tak sangka betul. deanna, what happened? how could you? even if it's singaporean productions, you're still considered a malaysian, a malay..."

"so idiot act for a muslim like her...memalukan agama islam jer...Deanna Yusof..eyeww.."

"wtfff...oh man...aku dulu peminat dia...tak sangka she could do this with some...lamemoooo...ooo my god...the hell is wrong with her??...she needed money??love??oh dont tell me that...dia kan Islam..jauh dan bodohnya menjadi aethist.."

Seriously, it really pisses me off how low the standards of my fellow Malays(and Malaysians) has gone. IT'S JUST A FUCKING KISS YOU STUPID FUCKING CUNTS! What's wrong with a kiss? I mean, it's not haram to kiss in public, or in a film. It's very makruh my fellow Muslims. If it's wrong to see a Malay Muslim woman kiss in a movie, then what about Indonesians, Iranian & Moroccan films? These three countries are Islamic countries, and yet their films show Muslim women kissing Muslim men. What's the harm in that? Why aren't we seeing any Moroccans or Indonesians complaining? tell me?

We've become a laughing stock of the world. The mass media kept shoving our throats like "Malaysia is good", "the government likes all of you", "Malaysia is a wonderful place to celebrate Christmas", etc. But when someone trashes Malaysia, the government(and in some cases, the people) kept bitching. Seriously, Malaysians lacked any sense of self-criticism whatsoever(Okay, that was too harsh since we Malaysians can take a joke or two about ourselves unlike Sngaporeans, but in the case of Deanna Yusof, come on la!)If the media kept showing more of Marina Mahathir, Kenny Sia, Ahiruddin Attan and Jeff Ooi rather than Nazri, Khairy and Badawi, we would have made a good example of the world, because we know our goods and bads, our achievements and our flaws. Deanna Yusof's video would be clapped by every Malaysian including PAS and UMNO, and the response to Jeremy Clarkson's video on the Perodua Kelisa would have been "Yeah,we know it sucked but we can do better" rather than "This is not right! He is wrong! What do Westerners know about our cars ah?!"

And finally, to fellow Malaysians who frequent YouTube videos trashing Malaysians left and right, i've got a message for you: You need to get out more man!

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