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Friday, February 22, 2008

I have to agree with this, eventhough i'm not a Malaysiakini fan.....

I'm not much of a Malaysiakini reader(due to its pro-Keadilan bias), but this article is one breath of fresh air:

Dr M must stand for elections
Ken | Feb 22, 08 3:29pm

The country is heading for it 12th general elections. What is certain is that BN will win and will do so with a two-thirds majority. The opposition will make some gains but nothing significant to halt the runaway corruption, abuse, crime, racism and fundamentalism being institutionalised by BN.

Come March 9, Abdullah Ahamd Badawi and his team will be back in power and will continue to run (down) the country as they have been doing only now more vehemently, having been given the mandate by racist, greedy, selfish, ill-informed, indifferent or terrified citizens.

The opposition, NGOs, Bar Council, Hindraf, etc can only watch and at best, protest on the streets, only to be sprayed with chemicals and tear gas. It will be back to (rotten) business as usual for BN and Malaysia from March 9.

Is there any way to at least check these dastardly developments and prevent Malaysia from reaching a state of no return (pun intended)? Yes!

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been openly criticising Abdullah Ahmad Badawi but this is not going to make any difference. Abdullah will be back as PM and there is little the former PM can do in his current position. The only way that Mahathir can check Abdullah is for him (Mahathir) to get back into the arena.

Mahathir should stand as a candidate in the general elections and enter Parliament (his son, Mukhriz is not good enough for this purpose). If the Tun chooses not to resume the PM-ship to steer the nation back to some order (the Tun , in criticising Abdullah, appears to have realised the wrongs in the country with respects to the judiciary, police, crime, corruption, etc.), he can remain as a BN backbencher and openly check the abuses of Abdullah and his team.

While the BN ministers can ridicule the opposition in the Dewan Rakyat, they would not have the guts to openly oppose the Tun - in an open field, all of them would tuck their tails between their legs when facing the Tun. Yes, the Tun is in his 80s and has had a bypass operation.

But for the sake of the country, he needs to be back in Parliament and do what he can to check the Abdullah government's abuses. Otherwise, the Tun will just have to join us, the ordinary citizens, in watching and grumbling about the wrongs which will continue to inflict this once wonderful land of peace, harmony and prosperity.


I have to agree. bringing back Mahathir to the parliamentary scene will bring a more balanced UMNO. An UMNO most people had not seen yet.

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