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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Monsieur, je ne comprends pas une chose sanglante que vous avez dite!

I've recently caught with this video of the PM being interviewed about the elections from Davos:

The interview was so cringeworthy, that i find it hard to sum it all up. However, my good friend Patrick Teo was kind enough to describe it:

"Some weeks ago somebody sent me the link to a video of our Prime Minister being interviewed "live" on CNN. It was during the Davos World Economic Conference or whatever. What got my attention wasn't Davos. It was the way the prime minister of my country presented himself on live global television.

First. He was dressed like an out of work French peasant from one of those bad cliched Hollywood war movies of the 1950's.

Second. His command of the English language was that of a pre-school retard.

Third. His reasoning in replying to the interviewer's questions was akin to that of a ..... (I spent 30 minutes trying to think of a comparison but couldn't because there was nothing that I wanted to insult that bad)

But to be fair there was one thing he did do well. He managed to stump the CNN interviewer. It was very obvious that the CNN fler was totally at a loss of how to handle our YAB. Malaysia Boleh!

You just have to watch and make your own mind up. Do you want this man to be prime minister of your country?"

So this is the same Prime Minister of our country? The one who slept during events & functions, and tarnished the good name of the once-glorious UMNO? Avons-nous souffert assez ?

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