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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Whatever happened to Lindsay Lohan?!

I remember my crush towards Lindsay Lohan. It was when the film Mean Girls was released. She plays a homeschooled girl who enters the world of high schools and then befriend a clique of dumb teenage girls led by Rachel McAdams. When the film was released, i realised how big her pairs were, and when i received a copy of FHM, here's the one thing that made me love her more:

That photo made her the ultimate teen fantasy. She was crowned the hottest teen starlet after Natalie Wood and Molly Ringwald.

But after 4 years, she looked like this:

What the fuck happened to her?

How come a promising young actress like Lindsay ends up being a trainwreck? In those 4 years i expected her to get an Oscar nomination, but tabloid after tabloid after tabloid after tabloid, she keeps getting worse, and it's a sad thing because she got dropped out from 10 movie roles, and those roles would have given her an Oscar. Oh, and of those roles she got dropped out was the character Blair "fucking" Waldorf!

This should have been Lindsay!

So who's to blame? This?


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