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Monday, May 19, 2008

Saddest day in Malaysian history:

Mahathir quits Umno
Ahti Veeranggan | May 19, 08 12:45pm

Former Umno president Dr Mahathir Mohamad today announced that he was quitting Umno with immediate effect and urged other members to emulate him.

He said he was quitting the party, which he led for almost 22 years until handing over the reins to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in 2003, as a sign of no confidence in his successor's leadership.

"I will only come back to the party when there is a change in leadership," the ex-premier told a crowd at a forum in his home state of Kedah this morning.

He also called on all Umno ministers, deputy ministers and all levels of party leaders to join him in leaving the party.

However he asked these members not to join any other party.

"Wait till Abdullah to quit as the prime minister and party president and then we can return to Umno," he said.

Mahathir joined Umno at its inception in 1946 and in recent years has been Abdullah's most vocal critic.

He entered active politics as a member of Parliament for Kubang Pasu in 1964.

He lost his seat in 1969 and was expelled from the party after attacking then president and prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman.

I got a question,
What happens to Mukhriz?

I disagree with TDM's decision to do this, as much as I dislike AAB I think his move would merely cause additional problems. His son is almost ready to take over the Pemuda helm and I don't think this move is indeed wise.

But then again, if this force AAB to go down it might do something good.

Mahathir, whether you hate him or love him, must be regarded as one of the most colourful and brilliant politicians in our history. He was the longest serving PM and was instrumental in bringing down the first PM, if he succeeds this one that would 2 Prime Ministers and help two Razak's to the throne.

I knew this year would be the year of turmoil...

But i'll still love him as our leader and this photo will forever remain in my heart:

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