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Friday, May 30, 2008

Government to shuffe battle with bloggers, eventhough some of them are from their own party!

Government to engage bloggers in cyberspace
By Rocky Bru

Some of the biggest bloggers in Malaysia now are Umno bloggers. Dr Mahathir (he's quit the party but only until PM Badawi steps down) should touch 1 million hits in the next 24 hours. A million visitors in less than a month is phenomenal, unheard of. Probably a world record. Most bloggers take years to reach a million.

Khir Toyo's blog is big, too. Since March 28, he's attracted over 600,000 visitors.

Kelab Maya Umno, or myKMU, is one of the biggest websites and it is pro-Umno. Agenda Daily is pro-Umno, too. Bigdogdotcom has over 1 million visitors.

The number of pro-Government bloggers would still be small (only 20 out of 190 socio-political blogs surveyed by a varsity before March 8 were pro-Government) but the traffic they are generating is not.

So what's the problem?
Well, the thing is these Umno/pro-Umno bloggers are too critical of the party's leadership. Many are actually anti-Badawi and his policies, promises, and practices.

The Government wants to engage bloggers? Sure. If it can convince its own bloggers to support it, maybe it'll be easier to persuade others.

Right on Rocky Bru. How you want to convince the rakyat especially the generation Y-ers when you fail to convince your own party members with your policies! Each day you can see people running away to join the Pakatan Rakyat State Government while you guys make a fuss about Ezam Nor rejoining UMNO as if he's a messiah or something.

Weak leadership would result in chaotic policies, so be responsible and start a change that we can believe in. Remember destiny is for the sake of the country!

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