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Monday, May 12, 2008

All My Humanity is taken away thanks to Disney

Somewhere in a mental rehab in Tanjung Rambutan 10 years from now........

Doctor:Patient No.1, explain your problem?
Patient No.1: I had an anger management problem after my wive & i got a divorce
Doctor: Good. Patient No.2?
Patient No.2: I've suffered from a type 1 bipolar disorder
Doctor: Well, we'll be giving you some doses of marijuana. What about you patient No.3?
Patient 3: I've lost Half of my brain after watching the Beverly Hills Chihuahuas
Doctor: Um..What?

All the questions in life are really hard to answer. Agnostics kept saying "Is there a god?", Atheists kept saying "When will Richard Dawkins' new book come out?", Democrats kept saying "Will Barack Obama get the Democratic nomination?", Zionists kept saying "It's 60 years now, what kind of party should we make?"

But if you're an average Joe like me, my question would be "Would Disney ever make a good movie?"

After all the crap they've made below:

and now this....

you decide.

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