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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So Let Me Get This Straight: You Listen To Music...because the performers are hot?

Okay. As a man with (some) knowledge of good music, I have to say the following to Jonas Brothers' fans: Get a copy of Playgirl, and stop promoting sold-out Disney crap until you get sick of it while you wait for some other bandwagon to join.

If you listen to music because you think the performers are "hot", and only listen to the music for the looks, I suggest you listen to more music produced by ugly musicians and/or get laid. I'm talking about Rush, Motorhead, The Rolling Stones, etc. You want "affectionate songs" that speak about crushes and stuff, listen to, I don't know, The Beatles? The Beach Boys? Happy Mondays? Sonic Youth? Hmmm...

I talked to someone who is a diehard Jonas Brothers fan, and mentioned that I would rather scrape a chalkboard with a rusty nail than listen to them. She told me that "They had more talent than me and are soooooo hot." I usually try to be humble, but I could be a retarded naked molerat with multiple sclerosis and would STILL have more talent than the Jonas Brothers. Disney could come out with a Jonas Brothers-brand bucket of shit and you would buy it.

Walt Disney is rolling around in his grave.

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