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Saturday, April 12, 2008

My daily random rant:

Okay, i have nothing to report on Malaysian news today. And i won't bother reporting the KLIA robbery because you can just witness the whole event by watching Die Hard 2.

However, i'd like to rant about random things:

1.To the pro-Tibet protestors protesting the torch run, fuck off!

We do not care about your cause! Do not involve Tibet in the Olympics issue! The Olympics is a sports event that brings people together, and it's trying its best to prevent politics from reaching Olympics. And you guys are involving a political issue into a sports event! Politics and the Olympics should not be involved, and that is what we humans wanted to see. The US boycotted the USSR Olympics, and now this? Just fuck off and let everything run smoothly, please?

2.A YouTube user named 90sHouseTunes has annoyed the shit out of me, and i along with other YouTubers totally hate him

Now, recently there has been comments by this annoying user called 90sHouseTunes who's been mocking videos on YouTube in the comemnts section, especially those are related to dance music, The Melbourne shuffle & Panasonic CDJ. Now i don't know what is his problem. So he loves house music, he loves vinyls, but he seems to have a vendetta against CDJs and the shuffle. I know that the internet is a free democracy where you can say whatever you want, but criticising the shuffle and the CDJ in a way that pisses other people off makes 90sHouseTunes aka you, the unlikable twat. Now you love house music, you love the 90s, you love vinyl. We know that, and so do we. But you remember to respect each other when it comes to dance music. Judge Jules respects Yoji Biomehanika, Garry Shepherd respects Apek, Pete Tong respect Cedric Gervais, hardstyle shufflers respect old skool shufflers, and the sFx crew respect the 7 Sparks crew, and so do you. You may not like the CDJ, but you must respect it for what it is. The CDJ is the device that makes me turn to vinyl turntables you know. It's not like the CDJ is going to replace the vinyl, and it will never be. So can you please just fuck off 90sHouseTunes and get a life please?

And here are two videos that are criticising 90sHouseTunes:

3.Breaking News: Scientology has reached Malaysia, and so is Project Chanology.

Now, we all remember the Church of Scientology as a religion that turned Tom Cruise into a madman, killed Lisa McPherson and caused BBC journalist Jon Sweeney to go insane. Recently, i have just found out that the Church has established an office here under the name "Applied Scholastics Institute". it has been secretly established here since 2001 and has been recruiting Malaysians by numbers. It's located in Brickfields and i don't know how they will influence Malaysians.

And here comes Anonymous. Anonymous, aka Project Chanology is an anti-Church of Scientology organisation that seeks to give Scientology members aka Thetans the right to think and also protest outside the Church's offices to seek apology from the church rgarding the deaths of Lisa McPherson, along with crimes the church of Scientology has committed. Now their protests are really interesting, in a flash mob manner. They usually wear Guy Fawkes masks to remain "Anonymous", and they kept on singing Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up repeatedly. They're currently having a worldwide protest today except in Malaysia, and they are also planning to hold a protest here in Malaysia outside the Scientology-run Brickfields office when the next Worldwide protest comes. If you wanna look at how their protests are conducted, see here:

Makes you wanna join eh? And their website is www.enturbulation.org

Well those are my daily rants for today. Chow.

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