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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Look, if you're the Information Minister and you can't speak proper media English, then you shouldn't be an information minister in the first place!

I'm aligned with the ruling Barisan Nasional. I've always been. After all, they're a coalition started by the late Tunku Abdul Rahman, and i'm a fan of Tunku because he freed us from colonial rule. And eventhough the government is now a complete utter shite, i'd never align myself with the the opposition. Why? Because the opposition is filled with hypocrites, and just look at these two photos and compare them:

Look, they're both the same. Okay, so may be Anwar is not bald, but shave his head and what you get is a fuckwit determined to conquer the galaxy! So who in the fucking mind would vote for this prick?

But seriously lah, remove the opposition bashing aside. The recent Bersih and HINDRAF rallies have tarnished the country's reputation as a "Truly Asia" territory. It gives a conscience that people finally realise what the fuck is wrong with this country. It makes me want to have Mahathir back. I miss Mahathir. He was like my grandfather, a strong old man willing to break the odds. It was a sad day for all Malaysians when he left the office. I almost cried like an Akademi Fantasia student who was mocked by Aznil Nawawi for being a shite.

Ever since Pak Lah took over, there was something wrong with him. I mean, it was as if he was stoned on acid when he announced his cabinet ministers in 2004, just straight after election. I mean, why is Samy Vellu still the fucking Works Minister? He has been one ever since the fall of the Roman Empire.

But what's worse is the Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin. To describe his shittyness, watch this YouTube video where he is interviewed in Al Jazeera about the BERSIH rally in KL few weeks ago:

Who the fuck speaks English like that? It's like having Anna Nicole Smith as the UN Secretary General. If you're the fucking Information Minister, then you should be learning BBC English (aka Received Pronounciation English) in order to speak in an interview. Atleast Khairy Jamaluddin speaks with RP English. With a job like an Information Minister, you must speak in a perfect, ol' jolly BBC English during an interview. If not, why bother becoming a Information Minister if you speak English like an old Kelantanese man in a Noel Coward play? I'm a strong advocate of Bahasa Rojak, but sometimes we need to drop the silly Malaysianness in order to not sound like a complete prick, especially in an Al Jazeera interview.

Great men like Za'Ba, Shakespeare, Bergman & Rumi all believes that language must be beautiful. It must be written beautiful, it must sound beautiful, and it must be said beautiful. However, today's languages are bombarded with bad spelling and bad pronounciation. In Britain, nobody talks like an intellectual anymore and they all talk with rubbish Cockney slang which sounds as if you mixed Danny Dyer with Katie Price's boobs, while in America English is now ridden with white-trash, hip hop slang and politically correct nouns which blew the government's brains out.

And now, it has reach Malaysia where MPs are talking in parliament like 5 year olds in a kindergarten fighting over a small toy. It's got nothing to do with bahasa rojak (since bahasa rojak came 500 years ago when Portugese influence altered the Malay language), but it's got to do with ourselves, since we elected 50-something pricks into office without any clear agenda or purpose. We just elected them without looking any further into their political history, and therefore we're stuck with them for 5 years. And one of these people is Datuk Zam himself

It's no wonder why RTM fails to live up to its standards. If the BBC, CBC and ABC has shows with lower budget than RTM, then why does RTM still suck? Well, it's not the cost of the money, but it's controlled by a jerk who speaks English like a kampung boy. Unless if we fired Zam from the office, we'd never have a TV channel with high-quality programming.

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