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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Review: Idiocracy

In Children of Men, Michael Caine's character Japer asks "Why are we infertile?" If he was in Idiocracy, he would have been the third smartest person in the movie after Maya Rudolph and Luke Wilson, and he'd probably ask "Why are we stupid?" In Mike Judge's Idiocracy, Judge takes a look at society today and it's effects on the future. In the 21st century, we seemed to have known that stupid people gave birth to more children than smart ones. And the smart & intelligent people are too stupid to make babies, since they're worry some idiots. And the result, more stupidity, less intelligence.

In 2005, the US army wanted to reserve it's lower, more average servicemen so that they're fit for battle. And to prove that theory, they hired Joe Bauers(Owen Wilson), an average Joe US serviceman, and a prostitute named Rita(Maya Rudolph) to undergo an experiment. They'll be frozen for a year to prove that humans are able to be preserved without any damages. However, the US army officer in charge of the experiment was arrested for prostitution charges, and the two frozen humans are forgotten, making them frozen for not 1, but 500 years into the future.

Waking up 500 years later at the year 2505, Joe and Rita discover themselves in a dystopian hell. No, the future is not ruled by Big Brother. No, it's not even ruled by the communists. And no, the future is not being ruled by damn dirty apes either. The future, like i said above,is ruled by stupid people. Yes, stupid people. Not even the smartest person is available. Why? Like i said, smart & intelligent people are stupid when it comes to making babies. Therefore, the intelligent humans are extinct, causing the rest of humanity to devolve into a race of unintelligent corporate tools.

Upon discovering the future, they've found worse situations: The president of the USA is a former wrestler and porn star who is a black anti-Barack Obama, Justice has become ridiculously retarded, Costco is a city, Starbucks coffee offers sex while drinking, and no one wears suits nor tuxedo, And the English language has become nothing but valley, chav, hill billy and trash talk.

After taking an IQ test, Joe discovers that he's the smartest person in the world. And he was forced to repair the North Korean-like drought that has suffered the American people for years. It appears that America has gone too corporate that a Gatorade-like company named Brawndo has taken over the America's food industry, causing water to be replaced with Brawndo all over the land except in toilets. They even pour Brawndo on the crops, which caused the drought. And even the cabinet seems not to acknowledge such problems, since they're all stupid like the people, and they wear bling-bling chains which has the emblems of the US government.

This is a smart Orwellian film which also blends with Jackass-like humor and fart jokes that created the idiot atmosphere of the future. The cast is brilliant. Luke Wilson played a great job as the main character, and Maya Rudolph is a hottie in this film, and not to forget she played a convincing street-prostitute, although i do hate her unnatural African-American accent in this film. Dax Shepard was hilarious as Joes' future lawyer Frieto, while Terry Crews' portrayal of a lower-IQ-than-Bush president is possibly the best ever. And in a short came, Justin Long's scene as a doctor high on drugs was probably the best scene ever in the film.

This film never got any publicity, not even a trailer or a poster. Why? Because Rupert Murdoch's greedy 20th Century Fox film corporation felt uncomfortable advertising an anti-corporate film like Idiocracy, and therefore they bury this film under the shadows of limited screenings.

Still, this is a great comedy. In fact, if you're looking for the 40 Year Old Virgin of 2006, this is the one you're looking for. Funny, smart and a more hilarious version of Alfonso Cuaron's Children of Men. If George Orwell thought of the future as being ruled by idiots, this is how it would have looked like.

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