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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kim Jong Il The Great........

YouTube. Call it, UTube, or YouTiup, or YouTiupKerja(Translate that to English and you'll know what i mean). This is by far the greatest website ever made. the last bastion of free speech. We should thank Google for not bastardising YouTube. I mean, seriously, Rupert Murdoch ruined MySpace, and IFilm has serious Flash Player problems ever since it was bought by Viacom(Which is whyb they pulled all of their videos from YouTUbe, since they're jealous of them).

Well, the only thing wrong with YouTube is that: They sometimes post videos containing propaganda and stupidity. Leave Numa Numa and Lonelygirl alone, were' talking about Songunblog. Yes Songunblog. But who's Songunblog? Well let me explain in a Malaysian sense:

Do you know all those propaganda music videos shown in RTM during the 90's? Well Songunblog is like that. Songunblog is a pro-North Korean propagator. His hatred for American "imperialists" and love for the paradise called "North Korea" has created a huge popularity and laughing stock amongst YouTubers. He frequently posts videos which were mostly NK propaganda documentaries showing how great "Comrade Genralissmo" kim Jong Il. Here are some videos which shows the propaganda of North Korea with the intelligence of a simian hog shit:

Kim Jong Il "The Great Diplomat". A documentary on Kim Jong Il and his skills of meeting people who hate America. Features flowers

Kim Jong Il "Fashion Designer". His fashion sense sure beats Giorgio Armani

Kim Jong Il "The Great Athlete". Hm, can he beat Kelly Holmes in a marathon?

Kim Jong Il "Master of the Arts". he sure loves Godzilla films

Kim Jong Il "The Great Dietician". Does Cognac count in the food chain?

Kim Jong Il "The Great Architect". Um yeah, you can't even finish a freaking hotel!

Kim Jong Il "The Great Traveller". Yup, especially, when your train passes through villages with starving children. Hey look, happy people!

Kim Jong Il "The Great Media Man". Please make it stop!

Kim Jong Il "The Great Warrior". he's Chuck Norris alright.

Way to go Pyongyang! You show these pigshit docus to your people while most of them are starving to death without realising it. It's no wonder your people worship you like morons. And here's the fact: None of your people knew that a man went to the moon! Come on! We're evolving like real humans and your people's progress and intelligence stops there like a bunch of John Lumic's Cybermen! Come on North Korea. Show some truth to your people. let them watch CNN. let them realize that there's people way greater than the Dear Leader himself. Ever heard of Churchill? Muhammad? Chuck Norris? Gandhi? Perhaps no. Please i'm begging you. Stop spewing shit into your people's minds, and stop teaching children that Kim Jong Il was born in Mt.Paektu with two rainbows in the sky.

And Songunblog, please. I know who you are.
You live in Sachsen, Germany. And your real name is kim Jong Seok. You're not North Korean, and stop thinking that North Korea is a paradise. There are places way better than North Korea, like Finland, Sweden, Britain, Ireland, and Malaysia(even though our government's politics is a joke). You're a fuckin' liar, and stop spreading cowardly lies!

PS: The North Korean government just send me a gift. They gave me a useless video on Roasted Potatoes:

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