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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Top 10 Most Embarrassing Media Moments of 2007

Every year, the media usually brings out the worst in people. Well this year is no exception but it's by far the most embarrassing year for the media. Here's a review of ten embarrassing moments this year:

10. At number ten, The Malaysian Information Minister makes a shit out of himself during an interview with Al Jazeera over the recent political rally in Kuala Lumpur.

9. At number nine, fat Jade Goody shames the whole of Britain by poking racist slurs at Indian actress Shilpa Shetty on Celebrity Big Brother:

8.At number eight, it's MC Karl Rove acting like a total prick.

7.At number seven Jamie "All-Schoolkids-must-eat-healthy-food" Oliver shows off his complete hypocrisy:

6.At number six it's Ellen DeGeneres cries over a missing adopted dog. Boo Hoo!

5.At number five it's Chris Crocker telling everyone to LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!.....As if we will!

4.At number four, President Bush mistakens APEC for OPEC:

3.At number three Fox News warns of a serial killer on Spring Break, while showing footage that encourages serial killers rather than stopping them:

2.At number two, Miss Teen South Carolina USA thinks we should send aid to South Africa and the Iraq so that Americans can see their country on a world map!

And the no.1 most embarrassing moment is

1.At number one, Britney Spears dancing at the 2007 VMAs like an old lady trying to climb the stairs:

So there you go. Ten most embarrassing moments in the media. Now you may wonder why it's the American media that's mostly on the list, because America is an attention-seeking country and American media is always known for embarrassing itself as if they're Justin Lee Collins therefore it's fair enough to have 80% purely American list on this blog.

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