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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Am i the only one who hates Ellen DeGeneres?!

I mean, there's something sucks about Ellen. She's not funny, she's annoying, she kept dancing in her talk show to crap mainstream music(Why would she dance to Soulja Boy?), and everybody loves her. What's wrong with today's society. Whenever i look at her, i want to punch her face and make her nose bleed. And she's a hyperactive bitch. Hyperactive people do not make good comedians. Good comedians are cool, steady people. People like Lewis Black, Richard Pryor, Bill Hicks, Bill Bailey and Dylan Moran. Ellen is not one of them.

Whenever i look for the funny stuff on TV, i always look for something intelligent, like The Mighty Boosh, Seinfeld, Arrested Development and Father Ted. But the more i look at Ellen, the more i see hate raging through her eyes.And i see the viewers as sad lonely souls who would like to get stoned to death by radical Muslims. I hate Ellen DeGeneres, and i'm proud of it.

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