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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fuck you Sally Kern!

The death of Lawrence King is the saddest moment of in American history. Civil liberties are gone in the USA. It's not the government whose to blame, it's the people. The people of the USA elects homophobes and Christian radicals into office without any tolerance. They don't think before they talk. They say something stupid, and the people believe them. The result? they win the Senate, the Congress and worse, the Presidency.

It gets worse. It's 2008, and they elect Democrats in 2006 to prevent Republicans from spreading homophobia & Islamophobia, and also to bring the troops out of Iraq. And they're still trying their best, although they've failed alot since '07.

But this Republican bitch said something so stupid that it looks like a serious version of a Comedy Court song:

That's Sally Kern, a state representative for Olahoma who was (surprisingly) elected into office in 2006. I felt sick. Gays are not ruining the country. It's people like Sally Kern that's ruining the country. WHat happened to American civil liberties? Why bother calling America "Land of the Free" if gays are not 'free'? Yes, gays are sinners and haraam, but sinners are people too. Let them sin. Freedom of choice and nature. Let them be gay, atheist, Muslim, Jew, or whatever. It's people like Sally Kern who killed Lawrence King. Sally Kern and Fred Phelps are responsible for the deaths of King and Matthew Shepard. Shame on you Mrs. Kern!

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