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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Finally, this new government has stay contact with reality, after all these years!

Remember teh time we're sick of the government slamming bloggers? And not just bloggers, but also Singaporeans, AirAsia stewardess, leaking parliaments, Al Jazeera, Brad Pitt, MTV, party-goers and tudung-less women? Yeah, the last 4 to 8 years before March 8th has shown that the government & the MPs has lost contact with reality. But hey, it's normal since many conservative governments like Thatcher's conservative UK government and Bush Republican government suffered the same.

But all hope has come since the new cabinet has been formed. Recently Info Minister Datuk Seri Sabry Cheek has been meeting bloggers, and the new Sports Minister Ismail Sabri Yaacob has a surprise for all Malaysian bloggers:

Finally, the government has realised how important alternative media is. Anot just that, this may also be a big "FUCK YOU!" to Datuk Zam, Rafidah Aziz and Azalina Othman.

I think i had to thank Rocky Bru, Marina Mahathir, jeff Ooi and UMNO's very own Shahrir Samad for convincing the government to be blogger-friendly. They took the words right out of my mouth, bro.

I think shall monitor the minister's sincerity.

PS: I've read Amir Muhammad's new book "Malaysian Politicians Say the Darnest Things". A very hilarious book filled with quotes of BN & opposition politicians saying...the darnest things!

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