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Thursday, April 30, 2009

THe swine flu & Susan Boyle: Proof that the media is bullshit

For the past 2 weeks, i get 2 stories that pissed me off: Susan Boyle and Swine Flu. Both are sensationalised like a coverage of the war or as if a porn had just won an Oscar.

First off, Susan Boyle. Now, i liked her voice. Yes, she maybe ugly but atleast she sings like an angel. Yes, she wowed douchebag Piers Morgan, bitchy Amanda Holden and shithead Simon Cowell. Yes she does. But why should the media care? Infact, ugly people had been singing for years, from Janis Joplin to Grace Jones to the Gallaghers, and yet the BBC & CNN says that "Susan Boyle proves that talent is better than looks", well fuck you.

And here's a reality check. By next month her 15 minutes of fame is over. Why? Because nobody will care. No record label is going to sign her up. And i haven't seen her Myspace Music profile yet. She will get a career at the Royal Opera House, which is good, but until she records a Trance anthem with Armin van Buuren, she will be gone to obscurity, and i support that because i don't want to see another Lily Allen or Amy Winehouse, singers with good voices ruined by celebrity status. Here's Charlie Brooker's view on this Susan Boyle thing:

Oh, and to those news reports about her "giving the comfort during the recession". Go fuck yourself! There are better ways of relief during this bullshit recession. Like masturbation, religious comfort, films and music. Heck, even last Saturday's Knight Castle is more a recession relief than Susan Boyle. And this is why the whole Susan Boyle coverage is nothing more than a giant piece of shit pooped out from the news.

And the second thing, the Swine Flu bullshit. Here's another fuck you to the media. Very few people know that on average 98 people die DAILY of Flu related reasons, and if you have a good immune system, you can survive flus of all kinds. And yet, the media creates an "EVERYONE PANIC!" as if it's the end of the world. Yeah, right. It's not a Biblical or a Quranic apocalypse nor an apocalypse of Scienctific reasoning, it's just a fucking flu. Swine flu is an influenza virus. It is not a bloody ebola. Millions of people die from the flu every year, most of them are either elderly, infirm, or very young (infants). People who are fit and generally in good health typically do not die from the flu. And why should non-Pork/bacon eaters care about the Swine Flu? Frat boy Americans kept on praising bacon like Gods and when they get the swine flu, good for them. Beef jerky and tabasco deserved more fame than Bacon. But i'm not criticisng pork eaters just because i'm a Muslim. If you eat pork, here's an optimistic message from the US Centre of Disease Control:

"You cannot get swine flu from eating pork or pork products. The CDC recommends cooking pork to an internal temperature of 160°F to kill the swine flu virus or other bacteria and viruses."

So yeah, it's not really that bad. Back in 2003, we Malaysians were sorrounded by Thais, Singaporeans & Indonesians suffering from SARS, and then Bird Flu came in 2005 the same time soulless TVB dramas popped up on Astro, and yet we're still okay, and Thailand & Singapore are now getting more tourists than before 2003, so FUCK THE MEDIA!

And to those visiting Ibiza, Spain during the summer this year, don't worry. The Swine Flu won't stop you from enjoying your nights in San Antonio. Just enjoy yourself, don't watch the news, keep your body healthy and during the night, drink all you want, sin all you want and pop some e as if nothing ever happened. And fuck the media.

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