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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fuck Klaxons & Oasis: 5 Underrated British Bands of the Past & Present

Whenever you hear some guy saying that their favourite British bands are Radiohead, Sex Pistols, Klaxons, Muse, Oasis & The Rolling Stones, tell them to shut the fuck up. I don't hate them(Infact, i like most of the bands mentioned), but i just think that these guys have not heard many other bands from the UK. Why? Because these guys have not heard the real sounds of British rock. And what are these sounds? Well, here are 5 most underrated British bands o the Past & the Present(& maybe the future):

5.Hot Chip.

Formed in 2000, Hot Chip comprised of 5 men. Their sounds are a mixture of Britpop, acid house & new wave, and they are considered by most Brits to be better than so-called "nu rave" bands like The Klaxons. And all 5 have DJ talents and played a live DJ set together on BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix. Sadly, they are still overshadowed by the Klaxons. Check out their songs:

One Pure Thought

Ready For The Floor

4.The Sunshine Underground

he Sunshine Underground are an English, Leeds based indie rock band. Their singles, "Put You in Your Place", "Commercial Breakdown" and "I Ain't Losing Any Sleep" are a favourite among the indie scene. You may hate indies, but may not hate The Sunshine Underground.

Put You In Your Place

Commercial Breakdown

3.808 State

Formed by Graham Massey in Manchester during the acid house period of 1988, this band mixes acid house with pot-punk music and Slash-styled heavy metal beats. Their genres ranged from metal to ambient. And their music has inspired the likes of Aphex Twin, Tiesto, Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers & even Panic! at the Disco. Their hits are Cubik, Pacific & In Yer Face.


In yer Face

Pacific State


Before the birth of IDM, KLF were the pioneers of intelligent rock & electronic music of the acid era. Formed in 1987, their music were an inspiration from Doctor Who, 70's punk & house music. Sadly, they only survive for 5 years, only to be reborn as the K Foundation & 2K. But they still, they rock. Their hit songs include "Last Train to Trancentral", "Doctorin' The Tardis" and "Justified And Ancient".

Last Train to Trancentral

Doctorin' The Tardis

Justified And Ancient

1.New Order

You may ask "Aren't they too famous to be here?" Well, i think that there's a lack of respect for New Order in the 21st century. Eventhough their music is in American Psycho & Marie Antoinette, and they were portrayed in 24 Hour Party People & Control, they are still not as well known in this gen-y era(IMO). But still, if you don't know who New Order is, here's an intro: After lead singer of Joy Division, Ian Curtis died, lead guitarist Bernard Summer in 1982 created a new band called New Order, and they brought in the beautiful Gillian Gilbert to their band. This band is a mixture of Krautrock, rave & New wave. And even when Gilbert left, they are still rocking with new lead Phil Cunningham in 2005. Their famous songs are "Bizarre Love Triangle", "Blue Monday" and "Fine Time".

Blue Monday

Bizarre Love Triangle

Fine Time

Rave On!

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