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Friday, August 15, 2008

The Downfall of Intellect

The year was '99. Y2K was on the verge of destroying civilization while one band fearlessly took pride in making young people dumber, I was one of those young people. The poetic genius of Fred Durst had some how managed to rhyme the word "nookie" with "cookie". It's bewildering to think of the shite that I listened to when I was young.

What's more bewildering is that two of the older fellas on the team got into an argument about "Nookie" while in the dug-out. They were basically arguing over what "Nookie" meant. Nary a more philosophical discussion have I heard of. Anyway, I think we lost the game. We weren't too focused obviously, but at least we were cool. (?)

The trend of "being-dumb-is-cooler-and-less-pompous" became the social norm from this point forward. Though movies like 'Clueless' were responsible for starting the snowball effect years earlier; ultimately we have "Oh-I-remember-that-crappy-song" songs like this that shaped the intellect of the youth for the worst.

Some how I managed to reverse the "dumb-is-the-new-cool" syndrome for myself, but Limp Bizkit had done it's deed. They opened the floodgates for bands like Nickelback to come in; dance all around the intellect of our nation and go "cock-rock-a-doodle-doo." Oh well, at least Limp Bizkit's edgy brand of rap-rock is dead...for now.

No, Limp Bizkit is not solely responsible for the downfall of intellect...But they were certainly a major factor. To summarize for all you product-of-bizkit-idiots out there: Limp Bizkit made it cool to be dumb thanks to Fred Durst.

P.S. Wes Borland truly was the only good thing about ol' Limp Bizkit. What truely made Limp Bizkit suck was Fred Durst, and it's not pretentious or pseudo-intellectual to give your two-cent-opinion on any thing. My opinion is not superior to anyone else's opinion - if you think Limp Bizkit is good - so be it!

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