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Thursday, July 31, 2008

This Is How You Ruin A Wedding Party Photo

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “What’s the best possible way for me to ruin this nice upper-class wedding?” Well, I think this photo from our pals at The Foggy Monocle is a great illustration of the easiest, and most efficient way do that.

If you need further instruction, here are a few easy steps to follow so you, too, can turn any “wedding party” into a “yelling party.”

Step 1: Somehow get invited.
Step 2: Show up at the party.
Step 3: Head directly for the open bar (if there is no open bar, skip Step 2)
Step 4: Drink everything.
Step 5: Find the guy taking photos, but don’t get too close.
Step 6: After working yourself into a frothy, drunken rage, let that camera guy have it (from afar, of course).
Step 7: Enjoy the spoils of your victory (i.e. more drinks.)

Try it! Especially in a Malay wedding.

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