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Monday, June 23, 2008

When you mix a Ministry of Sound nightclub with Harakah, you get a good mix of irony.....

When school ended today at 3.40, i decided to take a walk to Sunway Pyramid. While at a bus stop, i decided to buy a copy of Harakah. Why? Well, it's for teh lulz.

Anyways, while reading, i walked through the soon-to-be opened club "Euphoria" by the Ministry of Sound. It will have it's preview party this Friday. And sadly, no one under-21 is allowed to come(stupid ageist fascists!).

Anyways, when i saw both Harakah and Euphoria combined in one single place, it reminds me of an article i read two years ago.....

Nightclubs and discos allowed in Kelantan
Posted on 17 December, 2006

In Kota Baru Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat has given the go-ahead for the opening of entertainment outlets specifically discos and nightclubs with certain conditions imposed : no alcohol served, segregation of men and women and no showing of aurat (body parts that must be covered).

Dancing is not an unhealthy activity and Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz is all for it but it must not involve members of the opposite sex.

“I do not see any reason to forbid them (discos operating under Islamic regulations). This is because dancing is just a form of body movement. When dancing is done with the aurat covered and there is no intermingling, everything should be okay.” said Nik Aziz on remarks by State Local Government, Housing and Health Committee chairman Takiyuddin Hassan that Kelantan would allow the setting up of discos or nightclubs to promote tourism in the state.

Nik Aziz explained that Islam is flexible although many do not realize that. He elaborated that this is because they do not understand Islam.

This new development in Pas-controlled Kelantan is bound to draw the attention of the national media with all quarters eager to add their two-sen worth of opinions on this issue.

Some may even question the same-sex dancing directive, no alcohol directive and the ‘no mingling’ directive within the discos will certainly ruffle some quarters. However let us be patient and wait and see further developments in the state. Is this a step forward or just a flash in the pan initiative to appease the voters and boost its image in the national arena?

Well, that's good. A typical PAS reform. But, something is wrong:

segregation of men and women and no showing of aurat (body parts that must be covered).

Is Nik Aziz nuts?!

I mean, if those nightclubs were made, do we men want to dance to each other while homoerotic tunes like YMCA and Love Can't Turn Around is being played? hell no!

The thought of a a mens only club where guys go to dance with other guys must probably send shivers of joy and excitement down the spines of all the PAS members and ministers.

Now I know what they do behind all those closed door meetings. I once thought that they were busy debating issues of national importance (such as whether women are allowed to have names, or should they all just be called 'awek'), but noooo...they are probably busy dirty dancing with one another.

Well to all PAS members, don't worry. With these mens-only clubs, you no longer have to be ashamed! Your penchant for boogeying with old senior assemblymen need no longer be confined to boring old meeting rooms and conference halls. Now you can bring your Menteri Besar, Ministers and Datos to the nearest disco and watch them shake their thang'.

Oh jolly, Tok Nikky must have regretted saying that.

PS: But hey, most Melbourne shufflers shuffle with those from the same sex. So, yeah Nik Aziz's word could've make sense.

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