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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This SUV Was Blown Away By An F-16

Imagine you’re driving along with your pal. It’s night time. Maybe you guys are going bowling, or maybe you’re going to drive over to his house to just hang out. You’ve probably got a pretty quiet night planned. And then a military fighter jet starts shooting at you.

Last April 9th, at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, two soldiers were driving a rented SUV about five kilometers from the part of the range used for live firing. It was at night, and an F-16 that thought it was firing at something in the live fire area, lit up the SUV instead. Only 70 20mm rounds were fired.

Fortunately, the two people in the SUV were only injured (both from flying glass, the passenger got a dislocated shoulder as he rapidly exited the vehicle when it quickly turned off the road and stopped.) The investigation of how this happened has not been completed.

That’ll teach that asshole not to put one of those yellow “support our troops” stickers on his car.

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